#96 – Adam Paolozza

Adam Paolozza is a director, performer, producer, teacher and Artistic Director of Bad New Days.

As a performer Adam has collaborated with Zou Theatre, Fixt Point, Why Not Theatre, Soulpepper, Vertical City, Litmus Theatre & Ahuri Theatre. His co-translation of Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Pylade (a modern re-telling of theOresteia story) was recently debuted in NYC by legendary La Mama theatre and toured all over Europe.

He regularly teaches privately, giving classes based on his interpretation of the Lecoq pedagogy, designed to open up students’ minds and bodies to spontaneity. He’s a sessional instructor at Soulpepper Academy and guest instructor at Ryerson (he directed 2016’s The Holiday Trilogy) and at U of T.

Adam is currently directing Bad New Days and Ahuri Theatre’s production of Flashing Lights.

Twitter: @adampaolozza

Flashing Lights:

Created by award winning Bad New Days (The Double) and Ahuri Theatre (This is the Point), FLASHING LIGHTS is an original play exploring how digital technology is radically shaping human evolution.

FLASHING LIGHTS tells the tale of Peter (Dan Watson), an unremarkable guy who inexplicably becomes famous. His dizzying rise and fall effects everyone around him, in particular his family; his savvy wife Shannon (Miranda Calderon) and their child Ter (Liz Peterson). What starts off as a portrait of contemporary family life quickly unravels into a meditation on the borders between digital and physical existence and the future of this brave new world being created.

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