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Featuring conversations with mainstream theatre creators you may have heard of, or indie artists you should really know

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About Stageworthy

Phil Rickaby is on a quest to learn as much about the Canadian theatre world as he can: Who are the people who work in theatre? What is unique about theatre communities across Canada? What is it like to be a theatre maker in Canada? What are the important issues the industry faces? Each week Phil talks to mainstream theatre creators you may have heard of, or indie artists you should really know, all to find out what it takes to be…Stageworthy.

Latest Episode

Andrew G. Cooper

Andrew G. Cooper is a Canadian playwright, director, and puppeteer. They hold their Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Arts from Thompson Rivers University and are the recipient of the Kamloops Mayor’s Emerging Artist Award as well as a nominee of the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Arts Award. They won multiple awards for Outstanding Choreography for their work in Musical Theatre with the Academy of Dance and are the founding Artistic Managing Director of Chimera Theatre in Kamloops, BC and the founding and current Artistic Producer of Jupiter Theatre in Calgary, AB. Andrew debuted on television as a puppeteer on Apple TV+ with The Jim Henson Company’s Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock.

Recent Episodes

Yulissa Campos

Theatre Artist, Writer

Artistic Producer

Kendall Savage

Clown, Improviser, Performer

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Phil Rickaby is an actor and playwright, as well as a founding a member of Keystone Theatre, a Toronto company that creates plays inspired by silent film.  You may have seen Phil as Gormless Joe in Keystone Theatre’s The Belle of WinnipegThe Last Man on Earth, and Gold Fever, as well as in the films Abolition, The Dragon and the Unicorn and So You’ve Decided to be Attacked by Zombies. He has a passion for nerd culture and theatre and tries to find ways to bring the two together.


Phil Rickaby