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Melanie Pyne
A Founding member of Triple ByPass Productions (Producer/Actor) – playing Denise inJohn Patrick Shanley’s ‘Savage in Limbo’ at Toronto’s Storefront theatre, Sandy in George F. Walker’s’The End of Civilization’ at Fraser Studio’s Toronto, Jo-Ellen in Eric Bogosian’s “Skunkweed’- InToronto’s 2015 Fringe Festival at Theater Passe Muraille, and Boochie in Stephen Adley Gurigis ‘Den ofThieves’ at Toronto’s UNIT 102.

Well versed in theatre, she has tackled such playwrights as, Timothy Findlay, Michelle Trembley andmost recently Mohammad Yaghoubi’s ‘A Moment of Silence’ – w/Nowadays Theatre Company/Summerworks 2016 Theatre Festival Toronto. Recent film and TV credits: ‘Conduit’ directed by Anastasia Cronkite,’Lakes’ directed by Tim O’Brien. ‘Shadow Animal’ -Paranormal Investigator.For The 48 Hour Film Project, producing,writing and acting in- 2014 “Lemonade” ,2015 “Strapped”, 2016 “Fumbled”Studied at Humber College’s Theatre Program, Seneca College, Fanshawe Theatre Program graduate and StraeonActing Studios alumni.

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Chris Whitby
A professional actor of 15 years, Chris has been working in all facets of the industry whether it is theatre, film, television, voice and new media. He is a graduate of Second City’sConservatory and for the past ten years honed his skills as an actor and storyteller at Carter ThorStudios and later Straeon Acting Studios. Most recently Chris played the role of Paul in Stephen AdlyGuirgis’ ‘Den of Thieves’, Jerry in Eric Bogosian’s Skunkweed and Henry Cape in George F. Walker’s The End ofCivilization. He also made his directorial debut with the Canadian premiere of Freeway Strangler, which had asuccessful run in 2014. Other theatre credits include Savage in Limbo by John Patrick Shanley, Neil Labute’s Bash –The Latterday Plays, A Clockwork Orange, Moat & Castle and the cult hit Coed Prison Sluts – The Musical. Some ofChris’ film and television credits include: Murdoch Mysteries, A&E’s The Breakout Kings, Rogue and the web seriesAsset which was screened in the LA, Vancouver and Toronto Webfests. He also voices multiple characters in theanimated series The Bagel & Becky Show.


Adult Entertainment
Get up, go to work, come home…to what? Day after day, trying to be good, fighting incessant mundaneness; the facade of forced suburban niceness is fading fast.

George F. Walker’s ‘Adult Entertainment’ opens to a seedy room in a suburban motel. Max, a weary detective, finds himself back in this room with Jayne, a defence attorney, six months after they decided never see each other again. Why are they again, secretly meeting? For sex? To exchange information? To make a backhanded deal? Jayne used to care about her job, Max too, but now they’re just putting in time. Maybe they’ve just given up. Jayne mentions a young client of hers, whom she feels sorry for. A glimmer that perhaps Jayne still cares, but needs Max’s help to sway the case in her client’s favour.

Max’s gives his volatile partner Donny some instructions, not Donny’s strong suit. Donny is fighting his own demons, having an infinity for booze and hookers, yet still has a deep love for his estranged wife Pam. During an attempted reconciliation with Pam, Donny’s sloppy police work comes back to haunt them.

One action starts a chain of chaotic events that leads to Max, Donny, Jayne and Pam finding themselves in a situation far worse than any of them could have anticipated.

Cops, lawyers, husbands, wives, truth and lies. Sex, liquor, secret deals, fist fights and perhaps even love. You never know what your going to find behind the door of a motel…

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