#44 – Vivian Hisey

With over 20 years in the theatre and 15 years as a professional voice over and television actor, Vivian Hisey made the leap to Director in 2010. Vivian brings both her life and performance experiences to her interpretation of every play she directs. She looks for opportunities to bring today’s real world messages forward in her plays so audiences can, not only enjoy the play for itself, but can think beyond what they see and feel they have something in common with the characters.

While her directing experience lies primarily with comedies and farces – Don’t Dress for Dinner, Love’s a Luxury, Office Hours and Rumours, the play that brings shivers to her skin is Conspiracy. “Set in an historic church hall with amazing actors and the audience truly being on the stage with us, this interpretation became a lesson for every performance.”

Vivian continues to perform on stage in musicals and plays in community theatre companies throughout the GTA. As a performer her most cherished roles include Elsa, in the Sound of Music, for which she won an Adjudicator’s Award, Lina Darling in Nine, Wilhem Kritzinger in Conspiracy and Sandy in Bedtime Stories.

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