#237 – Rebecca Perry & David Kingsmill

Rebecca Perry is a Toronto-based playwright, performer and producer. She has written three solo shows which she tours around the English-speaking world. Her most well-known show, Confessions of a Redheaded Coffeeshop Girl has earned her awards and critical acclaim, has sold out in more than 30 cities worldwide, and was taped in front of a live studio audience for Bell Fibe TV’s On Stage On Demand. Her most recent show, From Judy to Bette: The Stars of Old Hollywood recently featured in the Sudbury Theatre Centre’s 19/20 season, debuting all-new scenography, and the grandest production Rebecca has yet put on. Following a hugely successful run at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2019, a two-month tour of the UK was booked (currently being rescheduled), and the show is in talks with presenters in Australia and New Zealand. Her work has even had celebrity attendees, including Anthony Rapp and Neil Patrick Harris. She also works in film and TV, and her work can be seen on Amazon Prime (Best Friend from Heaven, Forest Fairies and Fast and Furriest), T+E (Haunted Hospitals), Oxygen (Killer Affair) and Superchannel (Baby in a Manger). She also co-stars in the multi-Canadian Comedy Award-winning web-series A Gay Victorian Affair (YouTube).

Twitter: @rebeccaperry21
Instagram: @redheaded_coffeeshop_girl
Facebook: facebook.com/confessionsofaredheadedcoffeeshopgirl

David Kingsmill hails from London, England, but now lives and works in Toronto. He is a writer, musician and online media producer who has worked on a wide variety of shows and productions. He has travelled all over Canada, England and Scotland with Rebecca Perry Productions, as musician and stage manager. He has composed music for various Shakespeare productions by Dauntless City Theatre in Toronto, and his two-man musical, Out of the Lens, co-written with Nicholas Cave, was featured in Musical Works in Toronto. He created his own superhero for the musical cabaret Mr Millennium: Issue #1 – and even had the character’s origin story drawn up as an 11-page comic! He is established in the board gaming industry, and worked for Snakes & Lattes for over 4.5 years, mainly teaching games. He runs the solo board gaming Twitch stream and podcast Once Upon a Die.

Twitter: @uponadiepodcast
Instagram: @onceuponadiepodcast