#205 – Eli Pasic & Rob Sapienza

SOMETHING FOR THE BUOYS is the latest effort from writer/director Eli Pasic. A graduate of the prestigious Berklee School of Music, Pasic recently wrote the book and lyrics to a new musical comedy, I’ll Take It!, with Broadway composer Henry Krieger (Dreamgirls, Side Show): the show has been published by Broadway Licensing.

Set in the spring of 1934, SOMETHING FOR THE BUOYS follows a starry-eyed sailor named Jimmy (Roberto Sapienza) who wants nothing more than to find his true love. Accompanied by Larry (Thomas Finn), his womanizing best pal, he sneaks ashore and enters the wonderful world of New York City. Of course, Jimmy immediately stumbles upon his true love. But between a big-time Broadway offer and a cranky captain with an Alka-Seltzer addiction, will Jimmy sail into the sun and live happily ever after before the final curtain? Who Knows! SOMETHING FOR THE BUOYS takes its cue from past classics such as Anything Goes and On The Town, saluting Golden Era theatre giants such as Cole Porter and Irving Berlin, while keeping things fresh through clever lyrics, innuendo, and unexpected twists and turns.

SHOW DATES: October 9-20, 2019
LOCATION: George Ignatieff Theatre | 15 Devonshire Pl., Toronto, ON
BOX OFFICE: sapling.simpletix.com | ADMISSION: $20-$40

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