#199 – Janelle Hanna & Laura Anne Harris

Episode Notes

In this episode, host Phil Rickaby sits down with two solo performers, Janelle Hanna & Laura Anne Harris to talk about performing solo shows and touring Fringe Festivals.

Bad Baby Presents: Rules Control the Fun
Lark & Whimsy’s second production, Bad Baby Presents: Rules Control the Fun, written and performed by Janelle Hanna, directed by Briana Brown and stage managed by Erin Vandenberg, premiered at the 2017 Toronto Fringe Festival. The play features Hanna’s clown character, Bad Baby, and beautifully explores failure and vulnerability.

Twitter: @Lark_and_Whimsy
Instagram: lark_and_whimsy
Edmonton Fringe Tickets: https://tickets.fringetheatre.ca/performances.php?eventId=601:3056

Destiny USA
When Laura moves from Toronto to Syracuse, New York, she wasn’t expecting to be residing in Trump’s America. Gaining her first job as a relay operator for the deaf and hard of hearing reveals the hidden humanity of the American people.

Twitter: @lauraanneharri1
Edmonton Fringe Tickets: https://tickets.fringetheatre.ca/performances.php?eventId=601:3045