#175 – Scarred Leather

Scarred Leather is a supernatural Western by Adrianna Prosser that sends you back in time to Canada in 1842 when ghosts walked with you and your gun holster, “You can’t beat Death, and you sure as hell can’t cheat Death, but one day you might see plain what Death truly is…” starring Adrianna Prosser (Theatre by the Bay, Canada: Story of Us) and Caroline Concordia (Paro Caro, Web of Lies), with Jason Martorino (The Handmaid’s Tale, Bad Blood), and Phil Rickaby (The Commandment), dramaturgy by Eric Woolfe (Eldritch Theatre).

Adrianna Prosser
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Jason Martorino
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Caroline Concordia
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Scarred Leather
by Adrianna Prosser
Costumed staged reading of a supernatural Western.
“You can’t beat Death,
And you sure as hell can’t cheat Death,
But one day you might see plain what Death truly is…”
-Red Anna, memoirs dated November 12, 1840.
Starring Caroline Concordia, Adrianna Prosser, Phil Rickaby and Jason Martorino

Waltzing With Puppets
by Chloe Whitehorn
When searching for the man of your dreams, why would you marry the man in your nightmares?
Directed by Victoria Shepherd
Starring Brianna Riche and Matt Jensen
Aurelia Adams (Stage Manager), Liam Stewart (Lighting Designer), John Stuart Cambpell (Composer/Sound Designer), Alexis Chubb (Set Designer), Brent Shepherd (Master Carpenter)

Sweet Mama and the Salty Muffins
by Ciarán Myers
A workshop production.
A child goes missing. Another grows up her in shadow. A husband has failed. The 27 club looms large. And the music is hotter than hell.
Directed by Kendra Jones
Performed by Liz Whitebread, Michelle Jedrzejewski, Renée Strasfeld, Ara Glenn-Johanson.

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