#156 – Siobhan Richardson & Jade Elliott McRae of Crux Encounter Productions

Crux Encounter Productions combines performance, research and development, and training to create a company unlike any other. Our mission is to be a home for stage combat. A sandbox for fellow fight directors and performers. A place to tell stories of conflict with honesty, reverence, and a commitment to safety. It is the world’s first multimedia, multiplatform stage combat company.

Founders Siobhan Richardson and Jade Elliott McRae recognized that combattual theatre needs a place to live in its own right through their own work in theatre, film, and a multitude of martial disciplines. They have formed a world-class company of professional stage combat artists dedicated to the world-wide dissemination of exciting and authentic modern and historic techniques.

CEP performances are simulcast so you can watch from anywhere in the world. Our research into historical systems will be available for study. And our training will further the understanding and practice of this artform for everyone from beginners to elite fighters.

Instagram: cruxencounterproductions


Why do we fight? Why do we love to watch others fight?

From slapstick to sport, cartoons to armed combat, violence is an integral part of human interaction and storytelling, and yet we seldom recognize it on its own merits. Why is violence so linked to the human experience? Why do we find it satisfying, terrifying, and even amusing? In a series of scenes and sketches, WHY WE FIGHT takes on the challenge of dissecting, slicing, and pummelling our ideas of conflict into passionate, perplexing, and sometimes hilarious submission.

November 17, 2:00pm & 8:00pm
November 18, 2:00pm
The Redwood Theatre, 1300 Gerrard St. E, TorontO
Tickets for both Live Theatre and Streaming available at https://www.cruxencounter.com/upcoming