#138 – Kristi Boulton

Kristi Boulton an improv artist and is one of the members of the Improv Troupe, The Understudies, presenting Waaaay Off Broadway at the 2018 Hamilton Fringe.

Waaaay Off Broadway: A Musical Improv Show!

Waaaay Off Broadway is the musical improv show that you’ve always dreamed of seeing, especially because you create the show! Watch as the Understudies improvise dynamic scenes peppered with songs, topped off with a mini-musical inspired entirely by audience suggestions! Musical accompaniment provided by Steve McRae and Aaron Bruinsma. Grab your opera glasses and hold on to your playbills, people! It’s gonna be a HIT!

The Staircase Theatre
Friday, 20 July @ 9:50pm
Saturday, 21 July @ 7pm
Sunday, 22 July @ 3pm
Monday, 23 July @ 6pm
Tuesday, 24 July @ 8:35pm
Wednesday, 25 July @ 7:25pm
Thursday, 26 July @ 8:55pm
Friday, 27 July @ 9:55pm
Saturday, 28 July @ 8:25pm
Sunday, 29 July @ 4:40pm