#130 – Kris Hagen

Kris Hagen is an actor and writer, known for Imposters (2017), Kim’s Convenience (2016) and Tugg N Chugger (2015). Kris is also the creator of Lighters in the Air, premiering at the Toronto Fringe Festival.


Lighters in the Air
A musician named Leo returns to his former hangout, The Empty, a dive bar where the mic is always open. With the help of old friends, a lost love, and The Empty’s newest off-beat barflies, Leo rediscovers his passion for the music he left behind.

A play about artistic integrity, unfulfilled expectations, nostalgia, romance, and an uncertain future, the show features live performances of original songs. An open mic scene includes different guest musicians and standup comics every night, making each show a unique experience.

Written & Directed by Kris Hagen
Starring Natalia Bushnik, Belinda Corpuz, Cody Crain, Anna Douglas, Raechel Fisher, Kris Hagen, Olaf Sham, Amanda Silcoff and Taylor Whittaker

Monarch Tavern | 12 Clinton St.

Wednesday, July 4 – 8pm
Thursday, July 5 – 8pm
Friday, July 6 – 6pm
Saturday, July 7 – 7pm
Sunday, July 8 – 7pm
Tuesday, July 10 – 8pm
Wednesday, July 11 – 6pm
Thursday, July 12 – 6pm
Friday, July 13 – 7pm
Saturday, July 14 – 3pm

Twitter: @divebartheatre
Instagram: divebartheatre
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/divebartheatre