#13 – Michael Ripley

Michael is a writer and performer with over 30 years experience. He’s acted on stages and behind the microphone from New Brunswick to Alberta and his writing has been performed around the world. His short play Nine Types of Ice was a gala finalist and audience selection at the Short + Sweet Festival in Sydney Australia (2012) and has been re-mounted in Auckland NZ, Melbourne AU, Dubai UAE and Delhi IN and Vals FR. In 2013 Nine Types was made into a film and subsequently selected by the prestigious Montreal World Film Festival. He is currently developing another short film entitled, Mountains which is set to begin production this May. Fire Proof, a procedural series he’s developed about a fire scene investigator / professional poker player has been picked up by Flout Media Productions and is being pitched to 3 networks in March. Other produced works include the short stage plays Lunch With Cassiopeia (The Storefront Theatre) and The Transformational Potential of Laundry (New Theatre, Sydney) and the full length plays, Letters to St. Rita (Red Sandcastle Theatre, Toronto) and To Distraction (Toronto Fringe). A regular participant at Harold Award Winner Chris Owen’s Monday Nite Group where he routinely workshops new work, he is also a published poet and lyricist.

As an actor on television he’s had roles on Suits, 12 Monkeys, State of Syn and Mayday. Film highlights include parts in Alex Boothby’s Mr. Viraland Jacob Tierney’s Twist.

Twitter: @TalentedMr
Instagram: @GallantRedMrRipley

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