#85 – Kairos Collective: Natalia Bushnik and Robin Luckwaldt Ross

Winner of the Critics’ Choice award at the 2016 Hamilton Fringe Festival, The Bathtub Girls is inspired by the first known case of sibling matricide in Canada. The murder took place in 2003, Mississauga, Ontario. Two sisters, egged on by their friends, drowned their mother in their family home’s bathtub, and expressed it to be a mercy killing. The play examines how three immigrants’ determination to rapidly assimilate into a Canadian suburb led to the destruction of their family, and the reformation of the girls’ lives. The play is a combination of movement-based story-telling, direct address, and verbatim, folkloric, and original writing.

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Natalia Bushnik

Natalia is an actor and storyteller originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and is a founding member of kairos. She is passionate about creating immersive, game-changing theatre that reveals underestimated voices in unexpected ways. Her past works include her original, one-woman show, Maybelle’s Guide To Maintaining Perfection, which was awarded Outstanding New Script, and Outstanding Acting Performance at the London-One Act Festival. kairos : The Bathtub Girls, (Winnipeg Fringe 2017, Hamilton Fringe 2016) Best Before: (Frost Bites Festival, 2016). Elsewhere : Problem Child (co-director, site-specific), Lady Plyant in The Double Dealer, Harriet/Kate in An Experiment With An Airpump (University Players), Lady Anne in Richard III, and Rosalind in As You Like It (University of Windsor). Natalia is the voice of Candy in the popular animated web series, PeopleWatching. Natalia was one of Nightwood Theatre’s Young Innovators 2016/17, and participated in Theatre Gargantua’s Emerging Artist Roundtable. She graduated with a B.F.A in Acting from the University of Windsor. Natalia has trained with the Saratoga International Theatre Institute Company, and took part in the Stratford Academy program.

Robin Luckwaldt Ross

Robin is a theatre maker from the Ottawa Valley, and a founding member of kairos, as well as OPIA Theatre. She works to give power to the underestimated through performance. With kairos she has collaborated on the creation, direction, production, and performance of three original works: The Bathtub Girls, a duet with her creative partner, Natalia Bushnik, as part of Then They Fight’s development series, Then Speak, as well as 2016’s Hamilton Fringe, where it won the Critics’ Choice award. The Bathtub Girls will continue on to the Winnipeg Fringe Festival this coming July; Best Before:, a site-specific, short play for the Hamilton Frost Bites Festival; and Study of a Gambler in Neon, a solo masked piece which performed at the London One Act Festival, where it received the Adjudicator’s Award for Research and Matured Performance. With OPIA Theatre Collective, Robin originated the role of Rosaleen for the current production of Widow’s Wedding Dress, which toured through Southern Ontario, and has won three Brickenden Awards, with seven nominations. Other credits include Medea in The Edge Productions’ bash: latter-day plays, Juliet in Seven Siblings’ adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, Love Unbound, and Thetis in Patria Music/Theatre’s Asterion, where Robin also worked on set construction for three years. At the University of Windsor, Robin performed as Ernestine in The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine, Queen Elizabeth in Richard III, Lady Froth in The Double Dealer, Company in To Moscow, and Company in The Crucible. Robin is currently a part of Broken Soil’s Playwrights’ Unit, and has recently participated in Theatre Gargantua’s Roundtable program. She holds a B.F.A. in Acting from the University of Windsor. Her studies outside of University of Windsor include training with the Saratoga International Theatre Institute Company, and the Moscow Art Theatre Schoo

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